Happy National Coffee Day!

Cup of Joe, Java, Dirt, Mud, Go Juice, Brain Juice, Rocket Fuel, Morning Jolt, Liquid Energy – these are just some of the names people have given to that very important breakfast beverage: coffee.

Over the decades, coffee has becoming increasingly popular (and important!) to daily life, particularly here in the U.S.

Therefore, it stands to reason that people would set aside a day to celebrate coffee, and is why we now have National Coffee Day.

To get you ready to celebrate this very special event, read on to learn why this beverage is so popular and how you can enjoy this special day.

Appreciating Your Cup of Joe’s Origins – Coffee’s History

Coffee as we know it started in Arabia in the 13th Century. Its stimulant properties helped Muslims devote long periods of time to prayer, thereby making it a very popular beverage.

In the 18th century, coffee made its way to the Americas, though it didn’t become really popular until after the Boston Tea Party.

Coffee continued to rise in popularity during the Civil War, where it was used to give soldiers a boost of energy. Teddy Roosevelt is even said to have coined the “good to the last drop” phrase that became Maxwell House’s signature slogan.

Since then, coffee – particularly specialty coffees like mochas and lattes – has turned into the most popular beverage choice. And not just for breakfast either. Americans love drinking their coffee morning, noon, and night.

How to Celebrate National Coffee Day: 3 Fun Options

Pammie’s Sammies wants to help you celebrate National Coffee Day (along with International Coffee Day, which is on October 1). Here are three ways to honor your Cup of Joe in 2017.

1. Surprise Your Friends with Their Favorite Coffee Beverage

Get your friends involved with National Coffee Day. Surprise them by picking up their favorite type of coffee and taking it to their house or place of employment.

2. Try Something New For a Change

This is a special occasion – why not try something new and interesting? If you drink black coffee on a daily basis, try a latte instead. This is a special time of year for the coffee industry. Shake things up a bit by trying a pumpkin latte or some other seasonal drink.

3. Come to Pammie’s Sammies for the Perfect Coffee Compliment

Food can make your coffee taste even better! Check out the menu options at Pammie’s Sammies and then come celebrate this fun holiday with us. Join us for a cup of coffee and breakfast to start your day, or enjoy a mid-afternoon treat.

Come Celebrate National Coffee Day with Pammie’s Sammies

National Coffee Day is a fun way to celebrate everyone’s favorite morning beverage and afternoon pick-me-up! We hope that you will join us on September 29 for this special occasion. Enjoy a soothing cup of coffee (or a tasty mocha!) alone, or celebrate the day with friends, family members, and/or your co-workers.

Will you be joining us on National Coffee Day? We sure hope so! You can call ahead to reserve a table, but walk-ins are welcome, too.

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