Pammie’s Sammies Is Participating in ‘Feed a Billion’

If you want to give back to those in need, Pammie’s Sammies is leading the way.

Hunger Is a Huge Problem

Hunger is a worldwide issue that affects people here in the U.S., too. Here are a few sobering statistics from Feed a Billion’s website:

Plus, according to the USDA, over 42 million households were food-insecure in the U.S. in 2015. That means tens of millions of families weren’t sure they could feed their entire household and sustain healthy living. At times, they weren’t able to acquire enough food for everyone.

Plus, another 10.9 million adults lived through periods where they were not able to procure food at all. These are startling facts when you think about our country – a developed nation with a relatively stable economy.

Because of these facts, and because we care deeply about our local and global communities, Pammie’s Sammies wants to help. As a food business, we want to feed the world and wipe out hunger. Join us in our mission!

Learn about the charity we’re supporting and how to give. You’ll feel good about being one of our valued customers.

Who Does Feed a Billion Support?

The mission of Feed a Billion is to literally feed one billion hungry people by 2020. This organization works with sponsors who fund five meals per like on their Facebook page, and 10 meals per share.

The funding goes out to food distribution partner charities, who work tirelessly to help feed people all over the world.

According to their website, Feed a Billion has donated meals to the hungry in Kenya, India, the U.S., and other countries. They have provided 1.5 million meals to people in need.

How Can I Give with Pammie’s Sammies?

If you want to help feed people who often go for days without food, we’re making it simple.

Recently, we have partnered with Causely, a service that helps businesses like us connect to non-profits and charities. We are using Causely to help our customers donate to Feed a Billion.

All you have to do is check-in to Pammie’s Sammies on Facebook. Every time you check-in, someone in need will receive a meal. It’s that simple.

Imagine how many meals you could donate while you buy lunch or a snack! When you participate, it’s like getting a meal and giving an extra away to someone who needs it. We think this is a win-win for everybody who checks in at our shop.

It’s so easy to give – all it takes is a smartphone and a pit stop with us. So, next time you’re hungry, choose Pammie’s Sammies for a delicious spread and the chance to do some good for others who aren’t as fortunate.

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