Celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day: Skip the Dishes and Order Pammie’s Sammies

A great upcoming holiday, one that most people can completely get behind, is National No Dirty Dishes Day on May 18.

The point is to take a break from cooking and dirtying up your dishes. Instead, you should order food or eat with earth-friendly, biodegradable, or recyclable paper plates and utensils.

For the most fun, order delicious food from Pammie’s Sammies and celebrate the utter lack of clean-up. After all, you deserve it!

What to Order from Pammie’s Sammies

This “quirky” sandwich and catering shop has great sammies (naturally), wraps, soups, salads, flatbreads, and burgers that are made with fresh flavors, responsible ingredients, and twists on traditional recipes.

If you’re wondering what to order, here are some recommendations.

Breakfast and More

A sandwich shop offers breakfast? Absolutely!

At Pammie’s, you can start your day right and order the English Muffin Sammie. A toasted English muffin is paired with a punch of protein from a fried or scrambled egg, plus your choice of melted cheese.

Another option is a big Breakfast Plate with all the fixings. Choose from sausage links, sausage patties, ham, or your choice of bacon accompanied by hash brown casserole, two eggs (fried or scrambled), and toast or an English muffin.

You can also grab a scone or a Danish and get a shot of caffeine with your favorite coffee or espresso drink.

Pammie’s Favorites

“Pammie’s Faves” on the menu span from Cuban influences to twists on old classics.

For instance, order the French Dip and you’ll get a hearty ciabatta roll loaded with roast beef, provolone, and onions, served with a side of classic au jus.

The Shrimp Po’ Boy is another favorite. A grilled hoagie is stuffed with fried shrimp, tomato, lettuce, and a delicious remoulade sauce. For those not in the know, remoulade is a classic French condiment. When it’s Louisiana-style, it’s made with mayo, Creole mustard, Cajun seasoning, paprika, horseradish, hot sauce, pickle juice, and minced garlic.

If you’re not in the mood for a sammie, a classic Greek Salad might whet your appetite. Pammie’s is made with fresh greens, cucumber, tomato, red onion, roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives, and banana peppers.

You also can’t go wrong when you go Mexican with the Spicy Chicken Quesadilla Wrap. This offering takes the components of a quesadilla and rolls them up in a flour tortilla. It’s stuffed with pepper jack cheese, chicken, black beans, cilantro, and red onion.

Don’t Forget the Catering Services

Guess what? If you have a big meeting, group event, or occasion where you need absolutely delicious catering, Pammie’s is perfect for that, too.

The menu options can get you breakfast, lunch, dinner, or quick bites for your next meeting, party, or cocktail event. Pammie’s Sammies can even customize a menu just for your special occasion.

Order from Pammie’s Sammies and enjoy delicious food that’s sustainably sourced with local ingredients. With so many great options, you’re definitely covered for No Dirty Dishes Day — or any day when you want a scrumptious meal without any work.

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