Welcome Heart Different Languages


What does it take to run a successful restaurant or catering business? Obviously, culinary skills are a must. Anyone who attempts to run a restaurant without knowing much about food and flavor can find themselves in trouble very quickly. Another necessity is a good venue. The style and cleanliness of a brick and mortar restaurant not only attracts customers—it keeps them coming back. Another vital component—and something that we at Pammie’s Sammies pride ourselves on—is hospitality.

Hospitality: What It Is & Why It Is So Important

Hospitality is the friendly, and often generous, reception of guests. Hospitality can include caring for the needs of friends, family members, or strangers.  At Pammie’s Sammies, for example, our customers are always greeted with a warm smile. We really get to know our regulars and it doesn’t take long before they feel like part of the family. This is just one of the things that have allowed us, and many other restaurants around the country, to stay in business.

What Keeps Our Customers Coming Back Time After Time

Our goal is to be courteous, friendly and make you feel at home. To achieve this goal we pay attention to what our customers want. That’s why we use locally sourced ingredients in our meal preparations and why we offer some of the tastiest meals in town.

Pammie’s Sammies: The Complete Package

At Pammie’s Sammies, we understand our customers and what they want: incredible meals with exceptional service. This combination is what has made us a mainstay among our customers. We invite you to come by our storefront restaurant or try our catering services or grab a bite for lunch. We’re sure that you, too, will appreciate the warm hospitality you’ll receive by everyone here at Pammie’s Sammies.