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This Year, Be Sure to Celebrate National Make Lunch Count Day!

This April 13th is National Make Lunch Count Day, and it is the perfect opportunity for American workers to get away from their desk during lunch.

Due to the overwhelming amount of Americans suffering from a condition known as FOLO, workers are highly encouraged to celebrate this national holiday properly.

Don’t know what FOLO is? You are not alone. In fact, many American workers experience this condition unknowingly. However, in order to celebrate National Make Lunch Count Day the right way it is important to understand this increasingly common condition.

Before you begin planning for this national holiday, let’s take a look at the symptoms of FOLO and how it can be treated.

You May Be Suffering From FOLO

If you find yourself eating lunch at your desk between two and five times a week, packing an unsatisfying lunch from home, or getting lunch delivered to your desk, you may be suffering from a condition called FOLO.

But what is FOLO? This condition is also called “Fear of Lunching Out,” and it affects millions of workers throughout the country. In fact, one study found one-third of all Americans choose to eat lunch at their desk every day, while 73% eat lunch at their desk a minimum of twice per week.

These workers typically experience symptoms of fear as their lunch break approaches, resulting in them coping by eating their meal at their desk several times throughout the week.

Due to this condition, many workers miss out on the refreshing and stimulating experience of interacting with their coworkers and experiencing a delicious lunch. This can lead to decreased creativity and production in the workplace.

If these sound like symptoms you may be experiencing, don’t worry! There is a solution.

Choose to Eat Lunch Out…at Pammie’s!

Last year, a request was made to the National Day Calendar to add National Make Lunch Count Day annually on April 13th. Thanks to the approval of this holiday, American workers will finally have the chance to confront and defeat the symptoms of FOLO.

This year, it is important to receive the proper treatment for your FOLO symptoms. Thankfully, treating this condition is fun and easy. All you have to do is choose to eat lunch out on National Make Lunch Count Day! To increase the effectiveness of your treatment, head over to Pammie’s Sammies with your coworkers.

There is no need to suffer from FOLO any longer—you can break the cycle! Pammie’s Sammies has a delicious selection of food to dissolve your worries and spark up stimulating conversation between you and your coworkers.

Defeating FOLO can lead to a variety of incredible benefits including:

  • Tastier Meals
  • Superior Dining Experience
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Creativity
  • Better Relationships with Coworkers

So, be sure to spend National Make Lunch Count Day the right way…at Pammie’s Sammies! They can help you beat FOLO once and for all.