National Picnic Day

5 Beautiful Places in Orlando to Celebrate National Picnic Day!

National picnic day is a chance for everyone to enjoy a meal outside while taking in the beautiful outdoor sights. This day should be properly celebrated in the open air between people who care for each other. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, while also enjoying each other’s company.

With all of its incredible outdoor destinations, Orlando is the perfect place to celebrate National Picnic Day. From gorgeous fountains to stunning lakes, here are five ideal picnic locations to help you begin planning a relaxing, fun, and special picnic:

  • Kraft Azalea Garden. This beautiful public park is open year round right along the shores of Lake Maitland. It features plenty of open space where you can view the stunning lake or incredible azalea gardens.
  • Lake Lily Park. If you want to sit and enjoy wildlife flourishing around delicate lily pads, Lake Lily Park is your ideal picnic destination. This park surrounds a lake filled with turtles, ducks, and endless lily pads. After your picnic, you can enjoy a nice walk along the park’s guided path.
  • Dinky Dock Park. Enjoy a picnic under a swaying willow tree, as you watch paddle boarders adventure across the Dinky Dock beach. This is the perfect spot to soak up some sun, and feel the sand under your toes. You can even take it to a whole new level, and try out paddle boarding!
  • Central Park. There are 11 acres of beautifully landscaped areas to explore at this stunning park off of Park Avenue. Enjoy a picnic under the oak tree canopy, near the Rose Garden, or in the West Meadow. No matter where you choose to have your picnic, you will be surrounded by the incredible sights of this park.
  • Lake Eola Park. This park is one of the most popular destinations for picnics in Orlando. There are several open areas full of green lawns, surrounding the sparkling Lake Eola. If you choose to picnic on a Sunday, you can even enjoy walking around the Farmer’s Market.

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